Custom Weatherproof Fixtures DeepStream Designs Sustainable Design

Custom Fixtures created using the principles of Sustainable Design

Custom fixtures, created with DeepStream Designs’ trademark custom marine anodized aluminum extrusions, are both durable and cost effective.

Weatherproof exterior and interior custom fixtures using 100% recycled and primary materials last for decades, are easy to maintain and ultimately to recycle. Backed by a Lifetime Structural Warranty, they deliver the lowest cost of ownership over time, reducing the impact on the Earth’s resources.

DeepStream handcrafts custom fixtures using its trademark marine anodized aluminum extrusions and 316 stainless steel. There is no paint or powder coating to fail. For every product purchased from DeepStream, we plant between 50 and 100 trees in our customers’ honor through Trees for the Future.

Custom Commercial Restaurant and Theme Park Fixtures of Weatherproof Recycled Plastic Lumber

DeepStream’s weatherproof cabinet housing a point of sale computer sits alongside a modern combination recycling and trash receptacle. Both are constructed with maintenance free recycled plastic lumber

Custom Fixtures without custom prices. DeepStream’s unique trademark marine anodized aluminum extrusions, with quick-change slide-in panel system, allow us to craft customized solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

DeepStream’s Modern Custom Fixtures are built using trademark marine anodized aluminum extrusions such as the 5 primary extrusions shown here.

Accessories like swinging doors, tambour doors, shelves, and casters for mobility take advantage of the extrusion design to deliver cost effective custom solutions without custom prices. There is never a design fee, whether you order one custom fixture or 100.

A suite of outdoor custom fixtures at a tropical waterpark made with weatherproof recycled plastic lumber

Recycled Plastic Lumber (RPL) is a perfect weather and sun proof material to use with DeepStream’s marine anodized aluminum extrusions. Custom RPL fixtures may be pressure cleaned for sanitation and maintenance as there is no paint or powder coating to fail. The manufacturer of the recycled plastic lumber provides a 50 year warranty.

DeepStream’s custom fixture, a cabinet to store clean pool towels made with recycled plastic lumber and 316 stainless steel

16-gauge 316 stainless steel tops and stainless fittings ensure that these custom fixtures will stand up to the elements. All fittings are attached using a proprietary dielectric paste on all the fasteners. This paste prevents the stainless fasteners from seizing in the aluminum so that if any part of a custom fixture is damaged it may be replaced.

DeepStream’s custom pool towel return cart cabinet made with recycled plastic lumber

DeepStream’s custom fixture, a counter with cabinets to store clean pool towels made with recycled plastic lumber

Custom Valet Stands and Key Lockers

Here are two very different valet stands that use the same materials and components: stainless steel, recycled plastic lumber, and marine anodized aluminum extrusions.

A large L-shaped custom Valet Stand crafted with recycled plastic lumber, a 16 gauge 316 stainless steel top with a hole for trash, and adjustable feet.

Components common to these custom fixtures include 316 stainless steel top and fittings, recycled plastic lumber, marine anodized aircraft aluminum, adjustable leveling feet or casters.

The interior detail of an L-shaped Valet Stand showing custom features including a space for a mini fridge, shelves, a space for a trash receptacle, and a key locker for 96 keys
The large L-shaped Custom Valet Stand Key Locker detail with hidden compartment

Available in many colors, dark gray weatherproof and maintenance free recycled plastic lumber is used in the large Valet Stand, in the photo above, while the smaller Key Locker, photo below, is crafted with tropical hardwood colored recycled plastic lumber.

A small Custom Key Locker Valet Stand made with recycled plastic lumber and bronze anodized aluminum legs and trim

The interior of the Custom Key Locker Valet Stand holds 96 keys and 3 shelves inside a hidden compartment

Custom Locker Cabinet

The same components are used to create the Custom Locker Cabinet fixture in the photo below. This locker cabinet was sized to accept standard gym lockers to provide this customer with a custom fixture without a custom price.

The Custom Fixture crafted with recycled plastic lumber is sized to fit standard gym lockers and equipped with adjustable feet

Custom Towel Shelves and Returns

More customers purchase custom fixtures made with environmentally friendly recycled plastic lumber now than tropical hardwood. With that said, DeepStream’s aluminum extrusion will allow tropical hardwood fixtures to last for decades. The Custom Towel Shelf with Towel Return Bins in the photo below is equipped with casters for mobility and is crafted with Cumaru wood instead of recycled plastic lumber.

A custom movable Hotel Pool Towel Cabinet with a shelf for clean hotel pool towels and two hidden bins to accept used towels through openings in a lower shelf

Custom Hotel Pool Towel Cabinet with a shelf for clean hotel pool towels has two waterproof inner bins accessed through this side door

Hotel Towel Shelf with removable Return Bin: side view

The two waterproof inner bins of this Custom Hotel Pool Towel Cabinet are supported by a hygienic aluminum frame for easy removal by hotel staff

Custom Outdoor Restaurant Fixtures

The elegant tropical hardwood food service carts shown in photos below are just a few of weatherproof indoor/outdoor custom fixtures for restaurants and hotels. Stainless steel roller guides fully support waterproof drawers made of food-safe HDPE. Handcrafted so that all parts are replaceable if damaged.  Available with stainless steel casters, flat or leveling feet. 

Custom Fixtures a modern interior exterior wood restaurant food service cabinet with shelves and drawers

Aluminum and HDPE support detail for waterproof drawers in a custom fixture for a outdoor restaurant

Custom modern wood Hotel and Restaurant indoor and exterior fixture drawer detail

HDPE (high density polyethylene – think cutting board), which is also used in recycled plastic lumber, is waterproof but not structural. DeepStream engineered special construction techniques to ensure these materials serve as expected over decades of institutional use.

Custom fixture detail of a stainless steel roller guide drawer support used for an elegant outdoor restaurant food service cart

Yacht building techniques and materials are used to ensure that custom fixtures engineered by DeepStream will last in extreme environmental saltwater marine conditions found on cruise ships and ocean front properties.

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