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Sustainable Design: measure twice cut once


A key component of sustainable design is adaptability. Good design allows for the replacement, or reworking, of components to preserve the value and materials of an earlier design when a situation requires it. Even if that situation arises early in the life cycle of a design.

Nowhere is that more apparent than when an error has been made on large complex projects where a miscalculation between initial measurements and “as-built” dimension means that components ordered months earlier in a project do not fit when finally installed.

You can see in this example where DeepStream’s modular planter design allowed us to cut down the lengths of planks in the middle section of a multi-section planter to accommodate an unrecorded change in dimensions at very little cost in dollars or materials.


Photo Before

Photo Closeup

Photo After

While the wood will take a week or so to fade to the match color the same design feature allows for replacement of parts or further adaptation for the life of the planter.

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