Packaging: The final step in Sustainable Design and Manufacturing

Packaging:  The final step in Sustainable Design and Manufacturing for DeepStream Designs:

Sustainable Design, coupled with manufacturing products that stand the test of time in an environmentally responsible and sustainable fashion, allows DeepStream’s Customers to eliminate the “throw away” waste factor found in many of today’s products.

However, that is just the start of DeepStream’s Environmental Stewardship.

It is not enough that our products will last for generations and help slow the destruction of the rainforest.  Or that our products are 100% recyclable when their end of service finally comes. Or that we replant thousands of trees through “Trees for the Future” every year in our customers’ honor, a program which also offers locals alternative forestry jobs in tree nurseries and reforestation.

Even more potential rainforest destruction is diverted by offering planking for our recycling bins and garden planters made from recycled plastic.

DeepStream also ensures that it is meeting our environmental stewardship commitments with our packaging.

All of our cardboard used in shipping is 100% recycled content and purchased through Pratt Industries,   Similarly, we build our pallets in house to ensure that the 2x4s we use are harvested and certified through either the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, , or the Forest Stewardship Council,, or both.   These standards provide third-party verification that the forest management and on-the-ground activities used by the lumber producers are environmentally responsible and sustainable.

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