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Recycled Plastic Lumber: Helping the world’s Rain Forests and slowing Climate Change.


In 2009, DeepStream started offering Recycled Plastic Lumber (RPL) as an alternative to tropical hardwoods. While more and more of our customers have been choosing RPL over the past eight years, in 2017, RPL is being specified more often than real wood.

RPL is a win for the environment and for our customers, as RPL reduces maintenance costs while enhancing their properties and brands through the timeless beauty and environmental statement that DeepStream RPL planters and bins make.

Like many successful companies, DeepStream was created in a response to a need. While building a condominium project and reviewing the “universe” of garden planers, we found that what we wanted was not available elsewhere. Wood planters were all carpenter-built with wood-on-wood construction, and as I’ve detailed in my planter blog link,, and they just don’t last. The valuable wood harvested from the world’s rapidly diminishing rain forests is wasted, as the planters tear themselves apart and are thrown away in a few years (typically 3-4 years here in Miami).

If your project absolutely must use tropical hardwood, then specify our Mariner planter system as it is engineered with the principles of Sustainable Design to use, or even reuse, hardwood in a design that honors the wood, allowing construction that extends wood life by decades.

Harvesting tropical hardwood destroys important habitats around the world, even if “sustainably harvested,” as hardwood trees take 50 years or more to reach maturity. Like offsetting our carbon foot print by buying carbon credits, another way to reduce this impact is to replant far more trees than we use, and we do so through Trees for the Future. To date, using proceeds from the sale of our products, DeepStream has planted more than 333,000 trees in our customers’ honor, reflecting DeepStream’s commitment to the environment we are leaving for future generations.

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