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Adaptation: Trash & Recycling Bin Covers


The modular nature of our products creates an adaptability factor that we consider a hallmark of our sustainable design philosophy.  Why replace when you can adapt?

An example is this cover we created for a school in California committed to recycling but also home to feisty squirrels. The “weather-proof critter cover” also works well to keep out heavy rains.  If your bin is outside and you have raccoons, you might want to order your cover and lid with a low-profile slot and hasp for a lock.   Both are an easy retrofit in the field.

Recycling bin weather cover

Recycling & Trash Bin cover by DeepStream keeps rain and animals out

The hinged design is simple and robust, just like our bins.  The flap is constructed from 18-gauge stainless steel whereas the lid is 16-gauge. A robust but low profile stainless steel piano hinge attaches with flush fasteners.

The handle is a standard distance between holes so it can be replaced or customized wherever kitchen hardware is sold. If your application is near salt water or completely out in the rain, the cover, like the lid, can be ordered with the stainless steel passivated to reduce maintenance.

Trash bin weather cover

Trash & Recycling bin weather cover by DeepStream keeps rain and animals out

The only compromise we have found in the design is that simple care needs to be taken when opening the lid to replace the bags that line the inner bins. However, it is an intuitive maneuver to open the lid with one hand while holding and gently lowering the cover with the other hand.

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